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Le Parc aux Orchidées
You will find below some practical information as well as the answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked. If you do not find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can either rent one of our bungalows, or choose a SPA service, or opt for a SPA package including one or two nights.
You can make your reservation directly online. We will ask you to pay a down payment, corresponding to 30% of the total.
By paying the down payment, you confirm your reservation and you confirm that you accept all of these rules.
Otherwise you can call us at 0590 38 56 77 or email us and we will be happy to make the reservation with you.
The down payment is not refundable.
The balance is due on the arrival date.
In the bungalows or at the SPA, we accept children from 12 years old; this to ensure the tranquility of people who take SPA / massage services.
No, we do not accept animals. We have two little pussies who are walking in the garden.
Arrivals in the bungalows are from 3:00 PM. Please note that, with some exceptions, we welcome you until 7:00 PM.
On the day of departure, you must vacate the bungalow by 11:00 AM.
All requests for late departure or early arrival must be submitted in advance and approved by management. An additional fee of 10 €/hour will be required.
We provide: towels (2/pers), bed linen, kitchen towels, changed once a week, (remember to bring your beach towels). For Liane de Jade only: dishwasher products (1/day).
To help you out upon your arrival we provide: bungalow maintenance products, dishwashing liquid, liquid soap, a roll of toilet paper, a garbage bag, coffee filter. Remember to get them for the duration of your stay.
We do not provide (non-exhaustive list): charcoal and barbecue starter products, car cleaning products and utensils, towels for the swimming pool or the beach, mosquito repellent products. We do not supply oil, vinegar, salt, pepper etc ...
Yes, there is free WiFi in every bungalow.
No, there is no restaurant on the site, but you have a kitchen in each bungalow. This beeing said, there are many restaurants in the area; for example, in Pointe Noire:
You can find these restaurants and many others on the website of the Pointe Noire tourist office: https://www.pointenoirevisit.com/restaurants.

We do « rental of tourism furnished lodgings ». There are many differences between a hotel and renting a home; especially:
Yes, we take on your arrival a deposit of 200 or 300 euros; depending on the number of rooms you rent. This deposit will be used:
The deposit will be refunded no later than 7 days after your departure, after deduction of the above fees.
Yes, there is parking space at the entrance, for a maximum of one car per bungalow. You can park on the P2 car park if there is no more space near the entrance gate.
The park uses a micro-purification station: do not throw in the toilet tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, bleach.

We have a yellow bin for recycling. It includes glass, metal and plastic. Otherwise, the green bin is to be used for everything else.
We want to ensure a smoke-free environment for all our customers. Thus, we ask you never to smoke inside the bungalows as well as in the garden and the swimming pool. A cleaning fee of 150 € may be required to rehabilitate the bungalow for the next client.
We can store your luggage with us, at no cost.
A washing machine is available in the old mill. We provide the laundry doses. We ask for a participation of 5 €.
Yes, we do not provide beach towels.
Yes, of course, you can receive guests, but with certain reservations:
We offer massages, skin scrubs, plantar refexology and a private Jacuzzi. You can find all these services on our website in the section The SPA.
Yes, external persons can book a SPA activity.
The SPA is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The SPA is closed on Wednesdays: it is gardening day.
So as not to penalize people in massage after you, if you arrive late the duration of your benefit will be reduced accordingly. In addition, if you do not show up for your appointment, except in exceptional cases, the benefit will be lost.
Yes, on both sides:
To ensure a pleasant stay for all, you must respect the policies of the place, under penalty of immediate expulsion.
For all your questions or for information or advice on possible activities, please contact us. We are available every day.
Le Parc aux Orchidées beeing also a SPA, a lot of people on the site here seek calm and serenity. Remember to keep the tranquility of the place. In addition, soft music around the swimming pool indicates a massage in progress; The inner garden is closed to traffic in this case.
Excessive noises such as screaming, radio or TV too loud are prohibited.
In addition, children should always be supervised by their parents, to avoid any accident.
The occupants of the bungalows are financially responsible for any damage or breakage caused in the bungalow or on the site.
Yes, of course. You can go in the garden.

For the moment, there is very little light in the garden by night. Remember to bring a flashlight (or just your mobile phone) when you go out at night.

The garden is an enclosed area of 2000 m 2 with a dense tropical vegetation. It is only for the eyes! It is not allowed to pick flowers, fruits or leaves. This also applies to the surrounding forest.

We ask everyone not to go into the inner part of the garden when a Zen music indicates massages in progress, to ensure the intimacy of people in massage.
The semi-covered swimming pool is available from 08:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

There is a hand sanitizer in each bungalow.

The accommodation is, as always, cleaned between each rental, but we pay a particular attention to the disinfection of objects that are often handled such as:

At the swimming pool and the adjoining toilets:
The entrance gate is disinfected every day and in particular the opening buttons and the grid.